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Food and drinks. It’s what we live by. And die for. Celebrating the flavors of local delicacies. We serve the very best for you to enjoy. Ever tasted Crusty Crab bao buns served with a fresh blond beer from local craft brewery De Eeuwige Jeugd? Or G&T’s with pulpo and freshly made pitas? You’re welcome to try the wildest combinations at one of our 20 stands. Please let us know how it was!

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Up for a drink? Get your sip on with our local craft beers, international wine classics, fancy cocktails and G&T’s. Always looking for new ways to maximize the flavor, we aim to give you the best food pairing experience possible. From Gleuvenglijder to Chardonnay, from bubbling to sparkling and beyond. Ask our staff for recommendations at our specialty bars and find your flavor.

Wine, Gin & Tonic bar

Wine, Gin & Tonic bar

Main bar

Main Bar

Beer bar

Beer Bar